30 Day Notice to Members of Recommended Revisions to Society Constitution


Members of the Society of The First Infantry Division:

The Society Board of Directors are proposing revisions to the Society Constitution that was last amended in August 2017.  Article X. Amendments These By-laws may be amended by a simple majority of the members at any Annual Meeting or by mail, provided the proposed amendment shall be mailed to all members together with a notice of the proposed presentation, at least one month prior to the date of the Annual Meeting, or date written ballots are expected to be returned.”

This posting is in accordance with Article X.  Summary of proposed revisions:

a.    Change number of Board of Directors annual meetings from two to one.

b.    Add authority for virtual Board Meetings

c.     Modify to allow for electronic voting by the Board members

d.    Add:  Support to active 1st Infantry Division includes family members

e.    Clarify how Unit Representatives are appointed to the Board.

f.      Added a legal paragraph on how to dispose of Society assets should the Society be dissolved.

g.    Minor editorial changes, to include format.

Click here to view a copy of the current approved Society Constitution and By-Laws that were amended in August 2017 for your reference.

Click here to view the proposed Constitution and By-Laws for your consideration.  You may see a summary of proposed revisions by clicking on the cloud to the right of proposed revisions in the document.

Society members attending the 2022 Annual Reunion General Membership Meeting in Fort Worth will vote on these revisions.  However, members that have concerns / comments / recommendations should forward those via email prior to 30 June 2022 to Ron Watts [email protected] with info copy to Phyllis Fitzgerald [email protected] 

Duty First!

Ron Watts

LTG US Army Retired


Society of the First Infantry Division