Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Society consists of all Society Officers, all past Presidents, and ten Unit Representatives. The Officers of the Society serve for three years. Elections will be held every third year at the Society’s Annual Meeting held during the Annual Reunion. The Unit Representatives will be selected by their units and approved by the membership at the next Annual Meeting after their selection. The President of the Society presides at all Board meetings. The Board of Directors meets at least two times annually, one of which is at the Society Reunion. The Executive Committee (EXCOM), consisting of five members of the Board of Directors, elected by the Board of Directors for a one-year term, governs the affairs of the Society between Board of Directors meetings. Its members elect their Chairman. EXCOM meetings are held at the call of the Chairman. Liaison and coordination between the BOD and the 1st Infantry Division is affected by the participation of the Division Commander and the Commander of any 1st Infantry Division unit not located with the parent body. The Trustees of the 1st Infantry Division Foundation are selected by the Board of Directors of the Society.


LTG Ronald Watts, USA Retired
Vice Presidents
Vice President, Finance: LTG Tom Rhame, USA Retired
Vice President, Reunions: COL Greg Fontenot, USA Retired
Vice President, Membership: CSM James B. Champagne, USA Retired
Executive DirectorCOL Thomas Hollis, US Army RetiredSecretary-Treasurer Ruth DupreeJudge Advocate MAJ John E. Conley, US Army RetiredChaplainChaplain (COL) John G. Cottingham, US Army RetiredHistorianPaul H. Herbert, Ph.D., Executive Director, First Division Museum at Cantigny
Unit Representatives

Headquarters and Support Units – Jack Durham
2nd Infantry – Chuck Mundahl
16th Infantry – Steve Clay
18th Infantry – Larry Van Kuran
26th Infantry – Tom Clay
28th Infantry – Michael (Mike) MacDonald
Artillery Units – Joseph “JP” Richard
Aviation Units – Don Ulrich
Cavalry and Armor Units – Robert (Bob) Corbin
Engineer Units – Terry Hueser

Non-Voting Advisors to the Board

MG John S. Kolasheski
LTG  (Ret) Perry Wiggins
BG (Ret) David Grange
Honorable (LTC (Ret)) Allen West
LTC (Ret) Scott Rutter
CSM Craig Bishop
CSM  (Ret) John Fourhman, Chairman Foundation Board of Trustees
CSM (Ret) Julia Kelly

Presidents, Emeritus

GEN Gordon Sullivan, US Army Retired
LTG Thomas Rhame, US Army Retired
LTG Robert Durbin, US Army Retired