Membership Types

Membership in the Society of the First Infantry Division is open to all individuals who at any time honorably served or are serving in units assigned or attached to, or in support of, the 1st Infantry Division at any time since its organization. Upon the death of a member, his or her heirs are entitled to his or her right of membership.

The current Society membership profile includes Big Red One Combat Veteran's from World War II, the Vietnam War, the Gulf War (Desert Storm), Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. Many Veterans of Cold War and Peacetime service in the 1st Infantry Division including those with peacekeeping service in the Balkans are also members.

Veterans. There are several membership options available to Veterans.  Life Membership with dues graduated by age is an attractive option. Life members receive a certificate suitable for framing signed by the President of the Society, a unique Life Member lapel pin and a permanent plastic membership card. Executive Memberships at $65 per year offer those members who have the means an opportunity to provide an extra level of financial support to the Society. Regular Membership is set at $35 per year.

Active-Duty Personnel. Soldiers currently serving on active duty with the Big Red One, including those in units assigned to the Big Red One and those in attached or supporting units, are eligible to join the Society. We offer a variety of memberships with very affordable rates. Annual memberships:  $10 for E-1-E-7, $15 for E-8 to O4, and $20 for O5 to O8; three-year memberships $25 for E-1 to E-7, $40 for E-8 to O4, $50 for O5 to O8.  Life memberships are $75 for E-1 to E-7, for $200 for E-8 to O4, and $250.00 for 05 to 08.  These memberships enjoy the same benefits as those received by Veterans.

Associate Members. Parents, spouses, children, grandchildren or siblings of any person eligible for membership, or any person with a special interest or affinity for the Society of the First Infantry Division, may join as an annual Associate Member. Associate member dues are $35 for a Regular membership or $65 for an Executive membership.

Business Associate Membership. Business memberships are available for $200. A link directing our members to your business will be on this website. Businesses also receive a hyperlinked listing in the e-Bridgehead Sentinel and a Window Sticker indicating you are a sponsor.

Corporate Sponsorship. Corporate sponsorship is available at 3 different levels, ranging from $500.00 to $2,500.00.  There are 3 levels, Silver, Gold and Platinum and each level offers different incentives.  For each level we will place your logo on our homepage and also in the e-Bridgehead Sentinel Magazine that is published twice yearly.  For more details on corporate sponsorship, please call the office at 785-579-6761. 

Widow(er)s. Widows and widowers of former Big Red One soldiers may become members of the Society without charge.