The mission of the Society of the 1st Infantry Division is to perpetuate the memory of the 1st Infantry Division, US Army and to honor the service and sacrifice of its soldiers and units.

It perpetuates the memory of the 1st Infantry Division by maintaining the proud legacy of the 1st Infantry Division through a number of historical and related activities within the civilian community and by maintaining close and continuous liaison and support within the active 1st Infantry Division.

Through its locator and reunion activities, the Society creates an environment conducive to reestablishing and maintaining foxhole friendships made in Big Red One units.

It is dedicated to honoring Big Red One soldiers who were killed in the service of their country and regularly sponsors memorial services in their memory.

Big Red One Veterans:

“You honored us by your service in the 1st Infantry Division.
We now honor you by providing the finest of services possible.”

LTG Ron Watts